The CommunityMangement panel can be requested by contacting CedMod staff.
The CommunityMangement panel is a website which provides the folowing functions/utilities:
1. Ban management, offline banning, unbanning, ban modification

2. Ban appeal system, Banned users will create an account and log in, go to the appeals page and fill in the format, once filled in it will be sent to the server staff which review it.
Server staff can choose the folowing options when reviewing an appeal, Accept (unban the user), Deny (user stays banned), Modification (modify the duration to be higher or lower)

3. Sending commands to the SCP:SL server and recieving logs from the SCP:SL server using the plugin mentioned in the About page.

4. Staff Activity tracking, track the ammount of time your staff is active on your server.

5. PlayerManagement, track time players play on your server.

The communitymanagement panel can be requested by contacting CedMod staff,
if you have access to CedMod already if not, click here;