18 Servers currently use cedmod. CedMod is a package of 4 plugins for SCP:SL servers currently used by 18 servers.
Our database currently stores 1619 bans and 10339 ban logs

1. The main plugin: handles bans, prevents users with a VPN from joining (whitelisting flagged users is possible) and other API related functions and also handles the commands CedMod provides, it also enforces a ban reason to be given when bans are given ingame.

2. The QuerySystem: handles the query server that the CommunityManagementPanel uses to interface with the SCP:SL Server,
this system is flexible and can also be used in for example, a Discord bot that interfaces with the SCP:SL Server

3. LightsOutPlugin: This plugin is optional and causes the lights in the entire facility to turn off for a configurable ammount of time after a random time has passed.

3. SurvivalOfTheFittest: This is a optional gamemode plugin, 3 players are selected to spawn as SCP-173 and the rest will spawn as a Class-D Half of the ClassD's will spawn in LCZ and the other half in HZC
After 90 seconds have passed the lights will turn off and the SCP-173's will be set free, the round ends once every Class-D has been found and killed.

Interested? head over to https://admin.cedmod.nl
Create an account and do the setup process.